Cori Carey, BA (Hon), MEd

Cori is excited to be a part of the Clearbrook Wellness team offering counselling services for clients of all ages. Cori has been counselling in private practice and is enthusiastic to now work in a clinical setting.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with High Honours in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology.  To fulfill the requirements of an Honours degree, Cori completed thesis research focusing on certain cognitive vulnerabilities associated with health anxiety.  She was honoured to present this research at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America Conference in San Diego, CA in 2013.  Cori's thesis research formed the basis of an article that was later published in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the University of Regina Psychology Honours Symposium Award and the Certificate of Academic Excellence awarded by the Canadian Psychological Association.

Cori has been working in private practice counselling clients from a range of ages and backgrounds.  Her approach to counselling is focused on the development of a safe and warm therapeutic relationship free of judgement.  Under these conditions, clients can feel free to explore their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and options with confidence.  With an academic career focused on the development of children and youth, she has developed a level of comfort working in a counselling setting with younger clients.  More than half of her current client base is made up of children or youth.

Personally, Cori is devoted to her family.  She has been married to her husband, Lee, since 2001 and is the mother of two teenage boys.  As a family they enjoy swimming and travel and cheering on the Toronto Blue Jays (but don't ask about hockey teams because on that note they are a house divided).  Cori moved to Regina from Calgary in 1996 and has made it her home.  She can't imagine living anywhere else and is excited to continue her clinical practice in the Queen city.

Matt Nalder, BA, BHSc, MCP, CCC

Matthew Nalder is trained in a holistic approach to psychology and has a master's degree in Counseling Psychology. He has two undergraduate degrees one in psychology and the other in addiction and mental health.  Matthew’s area of focus is with children, youth, adult, family and couples work. He has almost 10 years of experience working directly with children and youth with developmental disabilities. Over the years Matthew has successfully implemented behavior programs for these youth and their families. He is certified with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC). Matt is the father of 4 girls between the ages of 2 and 8 years old and he has been married for over 9 years. Being the father of a young family provides both the motivation and testing ground for the techniques and knowledge he advocates for.