Massage Etiquette

If you are new to massage therapy, we want to make the experience as comfortable for you as possible.  Below are some things to consider in preparation for your treatment.

Arrival time - please come 10-15 min early if it is your first appointment with us.  For all subsequent appointments, please come 5 min early.

Undressing - Massage therapy is most effective when therapists have direct contact with skin.  Your therapist will let you know what level of undress is best for your treatment but you are welcome to dress in whatever manner is most comfortable for you.

Clothing – Please dress comfortably for your treatment.  You will generally only remove the clothing for your treatment area so try to make sure that the clothing you will continue to wear is comfortable.

Go to the washroom first – there is nothing worse than feeling the urge to go in the middle of the most relaxing massage you have ever had.  Take a quick trip to the loo before your treatment and enjoy the experience.

Pressure – We want your massage to be effective and relaxing.  Please keep in mind that your massage therapist cannot feel discomfort or pain for you.  That’s why she/he will ask you to provide feedback about your level of comfort.  Don’t be shy.  Let us know if you need more or less pressure in order to feel comfortable.

Children – we are excited to offer massage therapy as part of an introduction to your child’s wellness practice.  For most children, massage will be a new experience.  Please book initial appointments for 30 minutes only.  If these appointments are enjoyable and well tolerated, feel free to book for longer periods at subsequent visits.