Wellness, wellness, wellness – this is a word that we seem to see everywhere, but do we really know what it means? 

At Clearbrook Wellness Centre, we define wellness as engagement in the process of becoming emotionally and physically healthy.  That’s academic speak for doing things that make you feel good inside and out. 

You know how to manage illness – you recognize when you are sick, you seek appropriate medical advice, and you treat your illnesses. 

How well do you manage your wellness? 

Managing wellness is like managing illness but without the fevers and aches.  Wellness involves engaging in practices that teach our body and mind how to take a break on command. 

Doesn’t that sound great? 

Can you imagine your 6 year old developing the ability to take a minute to compose herself when she feels the need?  Can you imagine your 9 year old learning to still his mind before bed in order to fall asleep more easily?  Can you imagine your 14 year old being able to calm her nerves before her first high school exam?  We can imagine all this and more for both your children and yourselves.

We know that your whole family is capable of enjoying wellness and we are honoured to be a part of your wellness journey.

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Kids can be chaotic – we get it.  At Clearbrook Wellness Centre, we don’t want your children to be silent and robotic; we want your children to feel peace and live joyfully.   Our services are designed to help your children learn emotional regulation, experience inner stillness, and develop mental wellness.  Parenting is hard – let us help.  A happy consequence of our services is that peaceful, joyful children translate into peaceful, joyful parents.