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We're so excited to offer yoga classes spanning all developmental ages from prenatal to late adolescence.  We fully believe in the benefits of yoga and want to prove to your young ones that they are capable of taking charge of their own wellness. 

Programs have been developed by experienced yoga instructors with the specific age and developmental stage of your child in mind. These programs unfold over 12 weeks and operate similar to your child's other registered activities.  For example, when you register your child for the Warriors program on Thursdays, they will have class every Thursday at the same time for 12 weeks.  Simple, right?  It gets even more simple.  We want to make it easy for you to register so we have several opportunities throughout this page for you to click and register.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Parent and Tot Yoga

This 12 week program is a splendid way to spend quality time with your growing child while also getting out and meeting new friends.  Each class will focus on creative ways to practice yoga postures including animal and partner poses.  This class was created for lots of fun and movement with small intervals of stillness and quiet time.  With yoga, it's all about balance.

Homeschoolers Yoga 

This 12 week program has been specially designed for children who are homeschooled. It is flexible enough to encompass children of a wide-range of ages. Through their innate desire to play and move, children will begin to learn to connect with their bodies through mindful yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation. Connection with our bodies is an important element in emotional regulation and the development of empathy.  Mindfulness allows us to be present and learn to recognize and accept our thoughts without judgment - thus beginning the journey to self-acceptance and love. 


This class fulfills the following aims and goals of Pre-K to grade 12 Physical Education curriculum as listed on the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education website:

  • Active Living - Enjoy and engage in healthy levels of participation in movement activities to support lifelong active living in the context of self, family, and community. 
  • Skillful Movement - Enhance quality of movement by understanding, developing, and transferring movement concepts, skills, tactics, and strategies to a wide variety of movement activities.
  • Relationships - Balance self through safe and respectful personal, social, cultural, and environmental interactions in a wide variety of movement activities.



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Blossoming Lotuses (ages 8 to 18 - girls)

This 12-week program focuses on the physical and mental development of young girls. Each class will incorporate a mix of simple breathing and meditation techniques and yoga postures that are particularly appropriate for this stage of development. Through mindfulness, breath awareness, and movement we will get to know our bodies as they move through space. This experience creates a better sense of self, increases confidence and strength and helps prepare for the challenges of this developmental stage.

Warriors Yoga (ages 8 to 18 - boys)

This 12 week yoga program teaches boys the importance of body/breath awareness and movement via yoga, meditation, and breathwork. This practice will enhance their mental and physical development as they evolve into early adulthood. Warriors is all about connection - to ourselves and others, and to our minds and bodies.

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Yoga for School Stress

In this 12 week program, children learn to calm the mind in order to optimize performance in the classroom and in life.  Yoga postures and breathwork are combined with meditation to help children learn to recognize signals of stress and anxiety in their bodies and develop the ability to calm their minds and bodies.  Less anxious children tend to feel greater confidence in the classroom and feel an enhanced ability to perform at their peak academically and in life.

Family Yoga

This 12 week program was created with the intention of bringing the whole family together to enjoy the powerful benefits of mindful movement, mindfulness, and connection.  At Clearbrook Wellness Centre, we embrace families of all sizes and composition.  Begin a family tradition of wellness with us.

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