My 11 year old daughter is one of 5 children and was looking for something that would keep her physically active. She found that in the Blossoming Lotuses yoga class. She loves that she can be in a class that she can enjoy with girls the same age, who are having similar experiences and going through similar life challenges being a pre-teen.  She also recently underwent a painful medical procedure and was able to draw on her breathing lessons taught in her Clearbrook class. We will definitely be customers for life! 

Jen E.

I love the Blossoming Lotuses Class.  It's a great way to stretch your muscles, it's relaxing, and it's also fun!  It's just what I needed.

Anna-Marie C. ~ age 11

I love the results I see in my children after they've done the yoga classes. I highly recommend it if you want children to learn self control.

(It helps that I get a massage while they're in class)

Adam T.