Yoga Etiquette

Please remember to bring your mat!

Punctuality and Preparation - In order for scheduled classes to run smoothly please arrive 10 minutes before the start of each class, ready to sign yourself or child in. Also please arrive dressed appropriately for class.

Dress Appropriately - Dress in either loose breathable clothing or tight stretchy clothing.  Be mindful of comfort and mobility. No jeans please!

No Shoes Please - For cleanliness and sanitary purposes please kindly remove all footwear and place in designated area.  Let your piggies breathe.

Food/Eating Before Class - Please refrain from bringing food into the studio centre. If a small snack is required before class there is a wonderful cafe called Brewed Awakening a couple doors down that offers a wide range of snacks and small meals before or after class. Also refrain from eating a large meal before class. Moving around with a full belly isn’t ideal nor comfortable. A small, healthy easily digestible snack such as fruit or veggies is a great option. Refrain from highly processed snacks with a high processed sugar count. These snacks may make stillness and focus exercises difficult.

Water - Hydration is important especially for exercise. Please drink plenty of water throughout your day and bring your own sealable water container to class.

No Peeking Please - Please refrain from peeking into the class and waiting in the reception area.  Your children are in great hands.  Peeking can be distracting for both the children and the teachers.  If you're not sure what to do with this brief period of down time, there is a perfect, cozy cafe called Brewed Awakening down the street where you can enjoy a drink or snack/meal while you wait.

Respect Class Schedule - In order to run a smooth schedule please refrain from staying and visiting after class in the studio and waiting area.